Real Estate

Real estate management practices and the subsequent assessment of risk in either individual assets or portfolios of income properties, constitutes a major challenge for a substantial portion of market participants The evolving tax regime, the stagnant transactions, the low rates in most urban regions and the cumbersome leverage of most exploitable assets, dictate -more than ever- the adoption of comprehensive and effective asset management practices and risk assessment tools.

These practices should aim at securing a viable net operating profit by addressing a wide range of critical decision-making processes via intelligent valuation, development and property management methodologies. Our approach employs, for the first time in Greece, robust simulation techniques in order to quantify all assumed risks and derive certain probability distributions against current fair values, their anticipated evolution and the expected range of realized IRR.

Real Estate Services

Valuation & Advisory

Valuation is a prerequisite for any corporate action and a critical component of any negotiation either you act as a buyer or a seller or just as an investor.

Valuing a Company is assigned to specialized analysts. It involves an in-depth analysis of the Company’s assets, its operational particulars and the cash flows that is capable of producing. It processes current and future – anticipated performance to derive a value magnitude as the outcome of combination of many internationally accepted valuation methodologies. In the course of this exercise many parameters are assessed, such as the specific sector’s particularities, the inherent risk factors, the interest rate levels as well as comparative valuation data from local and foreign companies of similar type and size. A robust, well justified valuation is the cornerstone of a successful transaction but it requires expertise in financial analysis and performance forecasting and the adaptation of suitable methodology by the experts.

Asset management

At Reset Consultants we advise our clients- individuals or organizations- how to face the challenges and opportunities of the real estate market. We offer vertical solutions in managing the financial performance over the entire life cycle – acquisition to disposition – of an investment. Our hands-on approach with both debt and equity positions creates an effective partnership with the client that allows us to manage as well as execute on any type of transaction. We are dedicated to provide our clients with the critical analysis and feedback necessary to ensure the ongoing success of each investment. Our mission is to nurture long lasting trusted relationships and offer incomparable value
to our clients. Our team of experts oversees not only property management and leasing, but also financing, capital structure and exit strategy.

Property Due Diligence

Due diligence is the bedrock of real estate deals, regardless of the volume of the transaction. Reset Consultants is committed to protecting our client’s investments and to thoroughly inspect the fundamentals of each transaction, including the property, the seller, the financing and all relevant obligations aiming to reduce and mitigate financial uncertainties. We provide a variety of due diligence services customized to client requirements, delivering intelligent analyses and insights essential to making informed real estate decisions. Our competitive advantage is that we can cover all your needs for a complete due diligence since we deploy internal and external people from all the different disciplines. Due Diligence is carried out in line with your needs and can be broken down into:

Financial, Legal, Tax and Technical and Environmental due diligence

Planning & Development

Property development focuses on increasing the value of properties and buildings. In addition to the building or a part thereof, it can also be targeted to a plot or undeveloped land. We provide a comprehensive planning service, tailored to your requirements – whether that means initial consultancy, detailed cost analysis, advice on meeting regulations or managing planning applications and negotiations. The blend of professional skills within our team and our strategic partners ensures proper advice at every stage of the planning cycle, providing an integrated expert planning service.

Whether your development plans involve a multi-phased planned development, the subdivision of existing lands, approvals for new construction or rehabilitation, heritage or architectural landmark preservation, safety code compliance, environmental assessment, licensing or other development approval issues, Reset Consultants can provide the expertise to address your challenges. Programming, design, budgeting, selection of capable contractors, bid processes, the construction phases, and staff locations or relocations – if it’s part of the planning & development process, we can oversee your every need. Our hands-on approach, working closely with landlords and tenants, sets us apart from the competition.

Agency & Brokerage

A real estate transaction is a complex process that requires specific knowledge and skills to be successful. Real estate brokers have these qualities and put them at your disposal: a real estate broker works for you and in your best interest. Brokerage services go way beyond finding, filling and selling space. As your broker, we are brand ambassadors and asset representatives.

Our in-house team as well as our partners are all experts and savvy negotiators striving to provide the highest level of client service and care, always going above and beyond to surpass our client’s expectations. Our commitment is to delivering a top notch of expertise with extensive hyper local market knowledge, acute negotiations and innovative technology. Our mission is to offer an unmatched level of personal service carried out with courtesy, discretion, integrity and confidentiality.